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Review: The Expendables [2010]

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So, a few months ago I got word that the greatest action heroes of all time were going to do a movie together, The Expendables, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to think. Then the full casting lists started to come out and the trailers started to drop, and I got more excited but I was trying to resist getting too excited. I hate it when you get your hopes up about a movie or an album and it falls short of your expectations. These days, I’d rather walk into an experience without any info and see where it takes me, rather than having a review from another person.

So, I decided to set up a ‘Dude’s Movie Night’ with a blend of old friends and new friends. We all met up for the 9:10pm show and the theater was pretty packed, yet not sold out. Our group took up an entire row and we got seats close to the screen, but not so close that it was uncomfortable. Everyone was feeling pretty positive and excited for the movie to start, even though I heard there were mixed reviews. I cleared my head and got ready for some ridiculous action.
The Expendables was the SHIT!!! Honestly fuck the negatives review, just kick back your memory to the 80’s and 90’s when action movies and action stars were at the top of their game and that is what you’ll experience here. The movie is action packed, bloody, kick ass, macho, amazingly dope, and bloody again … basically just go see it!

Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Couture, Crews, and Rourke are part of a team of mercenaries that travels around the world taking on dangerous missions for the highest bidder. In the movie the team heads out on a mission to a beautiful island in South America where they run into the ‘bad guys’, Eric Roberts, Steve Austin and a corrupt army led by a greedy, yet conflicted, general.

Entertainment Weekly’s Owen Glelberman says it best

The way that Stallone directs … every machete thrust and relentless round of bullet spray is staged with a certain undeniable…conviction.

I don’t want to give anymore of the movie away, all I can say is that if you loved the movies that this cast has previously put out, you will enjoy the hell out of this one, it will not disappoint!!


Written by Ali's Basement

August 14, 2010 at 11:23 am

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