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My Life: Goodbye Missoula, I Love You (Day 10)

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There was no sleeping in today as it was doomsday aka we were leaving and we had to check out of the hotel by 11. I quickly showered and got my roommate up, so we could both pack and head to our friend’s house. When we got to the house we found out that a good number of people were going to be joining us for breakfast, including the newly married couple, so that was a great surprise.

We got breakfast at Food for Thought, which had excellent food and really cute girls working there, that is the ultimate combo. I mean what else can a guy ask for when it comes to breakfast at a restaurant? The portions were plenty and it was delicious. Our entire bachelor party crew was there, including the bride, the groom’s brother, one of the bridesmaids, and our friend’s roommate. It was great to see everyone one last time before we had to say goodbye.

We drove back to the house, grabbed our bags, and hugged everyone goodbye. It was definitely a sad moment for all of us as we were now separating and our mini vacation was coming to a close. The newly married couple drove three of us to the airport and dropped us off. As we walked away, the groom shouted out, “Vegas in November?!?” Hahaha, I don’t see why not 😀

OH But, the fun wasn’t over (sarcasm) for me at least. I got screened at the ticket counter, per usual, but my check-in took 8-10 mins longer than anyone elses and they even had to ask for my passport. Then when I went through security, and one of the security officers looks to me and says, “is this your bag?” Uh oh, here we go. My bags got pulled for something resembling a flashlight, but I had no such thing, except for a fusion powered razor. The security officer unpacked my entire backpack, separated out my shirt, my camera bag, and my Dopp kit. He went through it all and re-scanned it, but nothing came up, I was clear to go. That wasted another 5-8 minutes and we were already cutting it a bit close, plus some of us wanted to do some last-minute gift shopping. Then on the plane, they seated me by myself but they did give me a great seat with a lot of leg room, so I won’t really complain about that. Our flights, Missoula to Minneapolis and Minneapolis to Dulles, were smooth and uneventful just the way I like that. One thing to note though, the Minneapolis airport is pretty sweet as they’ve got a ton of stores, restaurants and services. It reminded me a little of Heathrow.

I arrived at Dulles airport around 10:30 pm, grabbed my luggage from baggage claim and took a seat in the back of a taxi. As the driver drove me to my house, I realized how quite my world had gotten all of a sudden. I was no longer traveling with 5 of my best friends, I was no longer exploring through new exciting cities, and I was no longer around the constant commotion of the past 9 days. I hated that feeling, but I could take comfort in knowing that I was going to my own room and my own bed. But even when I got to my own room, the silence got the best of me and I was definitely sad in the moment. So sad that I couldn’t fall asleep and I ended up blogging about my trip until 3 am in hopes of holding onto the emotions and amazing experience.

In summary, I realized how important good friends great friends are and they’re not even just friends, they’re family. This trip proved that we really are family because it didn’t matter if we were laughing one minute or bickering the next, we were going to come out on top and love each other like family, like brothers. I can’t wait until my next adventure with my brothers. I hope it’s sooner than later.


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July 25, 2010 at 3:36 pm

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