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My Life: Missoula – Lefties Have Rights Too (Day 8)

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It was Friday morning and a day before my good friend’s big day. I slept in to almost noon again, I honestly hope I don’t have a hard time adjusting back to EST. Today the GTB was taking us golfing at the University of Montana golf course. We arrived at the course, grabbed two carts, and rented some clubs. Pretty much from the minute we stepped on the grass, one of the course ‘enforcers’ drove up on his cart to explain to us the rules and to make sure we take care of ‘his carts’. I’d never had someone read me my rights on a golf course, but this was only my second time playing so who knows.

We had 6 players, so we had to split up. We had 4 guys playing and 2 guys just riding along with us. Most of us played pretty consistently but the GTB was playing very well and so was his brother, we were all just trying to keep up. We knew we were being a little slow, so we allowed people behind us to play through and every time we got comfortable another course ‘enforcer’ would come by to pick on us or complain about something. At one point, a guy drove over to tell me and my friend that we should not be sharing clubs but ‘he’d allow it’ today. We explained that we were both lefties and the shop only had one set of lefty clubs and we were just visitors. He drove off saying, “lefties have rights too!” My friend and I just shook our heads and continued our game. Golf was a lot of fun, but the constant bombardment by the ‘enforcers’ did put a little damper on things.

After golf, we all headed back to our respected places of lodging, showered, and changed to get ready for the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. First we went to a small church where we practiced walking down the aisle and our placement, it took about 15-20 minutes at most and seemed pretty simple. At the church we met the GTB’s soon to be in-laws and they were all really cool! We instantly got along as they were pretty cool and laid back just like us. Then we were off to dinner at The Keep Restaurant which is a part of the Highlands Golf Club. They first served some wine and finger foods, which was followed by dinner. The dinner choices were steak, chicken, duck and scallops. I went with the scallops dish which was very good, not as buttery as I’ve had before, but the sides were a nice complement. Once the families left, the younger crowd stayed behind and shared funny stories about the groom and bride to be. We laughed and joked for a few hours, and randomly someone brought up the fact that I went to Pita Pit the other night and here is where I got shit for it. The majority of the table was in disgust, haha, while I think I may have had one supporter. Apparently, I had committed a violation by eating there and maybe it’s part of the anti-chain attitude since Pita Pit is a chain that sets up shop in college town. I think even Blacksburg had one. All I could say is that it was good at 2 am and it was my only choice, but my friends insisted that I had ulterior motives and only went in there because there were cute girls eating there. OK, I have no problem admitting that there was a group of cute girls eating at the Pita Pit, but they were not the reason I went in, I went in because it was the only place with its lights on. Plus, they left before I finished my order AND I ate in my room … so, I think I am innocent 😉

After dinner, most of us wanted to go out and keep celebrating. The bridal party decided that they were going to call it an early night and get some beauty rest while the groom’s party headed downtown. Our friend’s roommate told us that there was a live band, Miller Creek, playing at Top Hat so we headed there. I had never heard of Miller Creek but they were awesome! They were a fun and energetic jam band that played a lot of catchy tunes. We also met up with my friend’s roommate who was already there and we all danced like crazy, laughed, smiled and just plain out raged! I even met a cute girl with green eyes who I ended up hanging out with for a bit before we lost track of each other. After last call we all walked outside and the roommate told us we needed to go to the back alley, hmm, back alley?!? I already had a bad experience on this trip, where were we headed.

It turned out there was a circle of about 30-40 young people putting on an impromptu music show by drumming on trash cans, stomping, and clapping. There was even a guy fire poi dancing, which was SO cool to watch. The show was so inspiring that random members of the crowd would run in and start drumming away or break dancing. The energy was so amazing that my friends and I joined in and started drumming on the trash cans and just raged. It was such a raw and amazing feeling that it’s almost indescribable and that event is a prominent image burned in my head when I think of Missoula. Unfortunately, after 10 minutes or so the local cops showed up to break up the party and we quickly ran off through a side street to avoid any issues.

Afterward, we all walked back to our friend’s house to play some card games and topped off the evening with some delicious pizzas from Blackjack Pizza.


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July 23, 2010 at 3:35 pm

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