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My Life: Missoula – I Got It, No I Don’t (Day 7)

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Today I woke up feeling the most refreshed I had during the entire trip since it was the first night I wasn’t sharing a bed, an air mattress, or sleeping on a couch. I also turned off all the lights and closed all the blinds so it was as close to my basement setting as possible, which allowed me to sleep in … unfortunately, I woke up with about 20 minutes to spare before we had to go play kickball. I quickly threw on my sports gear and the GTB picked us up to head to the field.

We arrived on the University of Montana – Missoula campus and met up with more of the GTB’s local friends. The campus was beautiful and it was embedded right at the foot of a mountain. We picked a field right on the edge of campus near the mountains which had amazing views. It was a bit distracting to play while being surrounded by all this beauty but I had to focus. Now, I thought I was a decent kickball player but these guys were really good and well organized. I came to find out later that they play every week, so that explains it. I kicked well throughout the game but my defense struggled. After my first catch out, I started misjudging speed and location so I was dropping balls which became super frustrating. Fortunately, I started to focus more and I started to improve with each play. I am sometimes a sore loser, but at the end of the day it’s all about having fun and I definitely had fun playing with these cool people. Our team got crushed pretty bad but on the plus side the lovely ladies on campus picked up my spirits 🙂 Every time I smiled in their direction they would smile back and not one gave me a nasty look or turned away, like you would get in NoVA. The girls were definitely much nicer in Missoula so far, I could get used to that!

After the game, the GTB headed to pick up the last friend flying in from D.C. while the rest of us headed downtown for lunch. The GTB told us to grab sandwiches at Worden’s Market and then he would meet us there. We walked  into the shop and it was a decent size, the right side was a deli offering sandwiches, soups and salads and the left side was a market that sold beer, wine, and food. The sandwich menu looked amazing as it listed some great combos, two generous sizes to choose from and very well priced. I picked the Higgins Firebird which consisted of smoked turkey, pepper jack, dijon, horseradish, banana peppers, lettuce and tomato. The first bite was delicious but it kicked my ass! The horseradish was really strong, it was so strong I had to go back to the counter and ask for a new piece of bread with less spread on it. The guys working at the deli sparked up a conversation with us because we obviously stood out as outsiders but they were super nice and friendly. I washed my amazing sandwich down with a large fountain Coke and I felt great. After a tough game, tough loss, it really hit the spot.

After lunch we all headed back to our friend’s house, grabbed our gray slacks and white shirts and dropped them off at the local cleaners to get cleaned and pressed. After that we all headed to Blue Mountain to play frisbee golf (folf or disc golf). This was the most ridiculous course I’d ever seen and it was created within the mountain range. We had breathtaking views, clean mountain air, and challenging trails while we played. It was a lot of fun and an amazing feeling, but quite exhausting at the same time since most of never hiked this much.

We all got back home around 6 pm and while the GTB went off to have dinner with his family and soon to be family, the rest of us headed out to the Kettle House, which according to my friends was a fantastic place for the beer enthusiasts. After the fellas exhausted their 3 tickets at Kettle House we had all worked up an appetite and headed to the Mexican restaurant, El Cazador. I ordered a Chimichanga combo which was so delicious and once again the ingredients tasted very fresh and juicy. One of the biggest benefits of small towns is that you can get local fresh produce and fruit which is directly used to cook with at the local restaurants. That is definitely key!

After dinner we headed hit up downtown and partied the night away.


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July 22, 2010 at 3:34 pm

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