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My Life: Hello Seattle (Day 4)

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I’m awoken when the bus rolls to a stop at the station right outside of Qwest Stadium where the Seattle Seahawks play. BTW, Qwest is a beautiful stadium and I know Seattle has one of the best fan bases out there plus they’ve got an owner that likes to spend. My friend and I got off the bus and picked a direction to walk in and headed off. We came upon a Zeitgeist Coffee shop and sat down to grab some coffee and access their wi-fi. The rest of the guys had called us as we were arriving in Seattle to let us know they were stuck in traffic at the boarder and it might take them an additional 2 hours or so. So, we needed to find a hotel and make some plans on what we were going to do while we waited for the others to arrive.

My friend and I decided to start by asking the baristas about the area, one was a cute blonde girl with tattoos and a lip ring the other was a hipster guy, and they were both really friendly and helpful. The guy even invited us out to party with him that evening if we couldn’t find anything else. The baristas gave us suggestions for hotels, places to eat and where to hang out in the evening. We grabbed the laptop once again, booked our hotel and grabbed a taxi to get to the hotel.

We grabbed a two bed room at the Moore Hotel, per the GTB’s request, and hoped we could easily fit 6 of us in to save cost since we were going to in Seattle less than 24 hours. The hotel had us sign a waiver that the room was for 4 and also put down their names. At the time, I thought it was just formality and it wouldn’t be an issue later, we were wrong. Once we checked into our room, dropped off our luggage, we headed out into the city. 

We headed out to a local pub for happy hour and met some really friendly people. We came upon this one set of cute girls and I started talking to a girl named Cassandra, she was beautiful. I was in awe of her dark hair, hazel eyes, full lips, tan skin, and dimpled cheeks with a small piercing on the right side. I asked her what she did and she said she was a dancer … cue T-Pain’s “I’m in Love With a Stripper” because I was falling. We had a great conversation and as time flew by, I realized I couldn’t stop smiling. I would have loved to keep talking to her, but right on schedule the other guys had finally arrived in Seattle and they wanted to meet up. We said our goodbyes and headed off. I wonder if I’ll ever cross paths with Cassandra again, I really hope so.

We met up with the other fellas at a waterfront restaurant to watch the beautiful Seattle sunset and relax. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel to change and freshen up. We drove to the Capitol Hill area that was recommended to us by the baristas and the clerk at the hotel. We were told we would find the most action in that area on a Monday night. We first hit up the Comet Tavern and as soon as you walk in, it hits you, now I understand how the grungy rock scene originated out of Seattle. The floor was black, the bar was an old wooden antique bar, there were random dollar bills attached to the ceiling which were thrown up there using tacks and quarters, but we did find a pool table in the corner, which was also beat up. There was also a strange Nazi zombie movie playing at the bar that was horrible, but very fitting with the hilarious crowd we ran into there. While four guys played, me and a buddy decided to explore some more so we went across the street to Bimbos Bitchin’ Burritos & Cha Cha Lounge. Bimbos was closed upstairs, so we headed downstairs to Cha Cha which was one of the oddest bars I’ve ever walked into. I would describe it as a mix of Mexican wrestling and a tiki bar. There were sombreros hanging from one half of the bar, paper flowers on the other half, a disco ball, pictures of bullfighting and 50’s vinyl couches and chairs. The others joined us shortly and we chilled in this unique bar just taking it all in. At the end of the night, a few of us grabbed a delicious slice of “NYC pizza”, so yea I wasn’t in NYC but it hit the spot at 2am. We then walked over to a t-shirt vendor and a hot dog vendor, where we met some fun people, and my friends picked up some cool Hendrix tees.

We headed back to the hotel and as we were all on a high note, it all came crashing down. I had sent two of my buddies with the key ahead of us, so that it wouldn’t look like 6 guys were going into one room. But it backfired as the front attendant flipped out yelling that two people had just entered claiming to be in 621 and there was no way the four of us were also staying there. We were caught. I think I made up a dozen lies as the guy grilled me, but he wasn’t budging, so finally I just said I’d go get them because they just went to get their bag and that they have their own room. I walked the two guys down to the local hostel, the Green Tortoise Hostel, an luckily we found a room with 2 available beds and checked them in. Initially I was looking for a room for all 6 of us at the Green Tortoise and it was just ironic that 2 of us ended up there anyways. After the check-in, I walked back to the Moore Hotel and passed out right away.


Written by Ali's Basement

July 19, 2010 at 10:35 pm

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