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My Life: Goodbye Vancouver (Day 4)

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on Day 4 it was unfortunately time to leave our amazing penthouse and the beautiful city of Vancouver. In the morning, I quickly showered, packed my bag, and started getting the fellas up as we needed to cleaned up the house and check out of the house by 11 am. Also, we still need to find a way to get from Vancouver to Seattle since we only had one car among the 6 of us. So, I grabbed a laptop and started looking up rental cars, buses, trains, etc. Rental cars were going for $300 one way, so I found a bus from Vancouver to Seattle for around $60 and two of us decided to take the bus while the remaining 4 went in the GTB’s Accord.
I really enjoyed my time in the city and I was sad to leave because I wanted to see and do so much more. I will definitely be back to visit because I’m sure the city has even more to offer and we had a fantastic stay there. Thanks for having us, we’ll miss you!

The guys dropped me and another friend off at the Amtrak station around 10 am so we could catch our bus. We grabbed our bus tickets, some McD’s lunch, unfortunately breakfast was over … bummer, and boarded our bus. The bus was pretty comfortable and both of us got our own row which made for an even smoother ride to Seattle. On the bus we met two girls from Nottingham, England who were backpacking through the US and they were on their way back to NYC to catch a flight back home. They were really nice and we easily sparked up a conversation with them.

I had fallen asleep and woke up when we reached the the Canadian/US boarder. We had to unload the entire bus and go through customs and have our bags checked before re-entering the US. Based on my past experiences with customs, airport securty, etc I let my friend go first and I could hear him explaining to the customs agent that we were traveling for a bachelor party and wedding, where we had gone, etc. Now it was my turn, I walked up and she asked if we were traveling together, I said yes and she asked maybe 2-3 more questions and let me go. I was shocked! That was the fastest I’ve gotten through any security checkpoints and I guess it helped to have my friend go first and explain everything.

So, we were now back on US soil and we boarded our bus and headed to Seattle. Since we were back in the US, I once again had access to my AT&T 3G network and my iPhone was at full strength, it was glorious! Though my excitement wore off after 10-15 minutes, when I fell back asleep haha.


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July 19, 2010 at 5:34 pm

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