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My Life: Vancouver – Wild Wild West (Day 3)

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On day 3 it was another beautiful morning and we were all well rested now, so we quickly got ready and headed out for breakfast. On the elevator down, a young couple got in and I figured they would know all the hot spots, so I asked them for a solid breakfast suggestion. The guy responded within a millisecond and recommended that we eat at Deacon’s Corner. The fact that he responded so quickly had to mean the place was going to be good.
The diner was in a nice part of the Gastown district and our waitress was a young Asian girl with some unique tattoos that gave her a cool / funky look. I asked her about the tattoos that read ‘me’ and ‘I’ on each tricep, she kinda balked at first but then came back with our coffees and apologized because she was hung over. We all laughed with her and said we’d make sure it was a painless order for her.  The food came out and the portions were enormous. My plate must have been at least a foot long and they squeezed in 3 scramble eggs, 2 pancakes, fruit and hash browns as sides. I had to sit and contemplate how I was going to attack this plate and I was determined to finish it as well. So, I dived in and went to town on my plate … BTW, let’s just say the elevator guy did not let us down! The food was delicious and it was again all freshly made and I devoured most of it, but I had to leave a few good hash browns behind. I almost did it, gave a valiant effort, but alas I was not going to clean the plate this time. Deacon’s I will be back to finish my challenge!

After breakfast, we attempted to go sailing again but since we didn’t make the reservation before, they were once again sold out and we were turned away. Fortunately, we were better prepared for a beach back-up plan this time.  We brought our trunks, bought drinks, snacks, and beach towels. This time the beach was packed with tons of young people, all in good shape, playing games, playing with their dogs, BBQing, and much more. Vancouver is definitely an active city and we wanted to join in. So, we decided to do our best reenactment of the Top Gun volleyball scene, Herndon style. We played two competitive games with plenty of trash talking and the teams ended up splitting the games, but we didn’t get a chance for a third game tie-breaker. It was crazy hot at the beach and our feet were on fire after two games, so we decided to cool off by laying out in the shade under an enormous tree, now this was the life.

Once we had gotten our beach fix, we decided to find a frisbee golf (folf or disc golf) course and on the way we played another game of Bocce Ball. I have been saying for a long time that I want to get out more during the day and enjoy activities because I end up wasting a lot of days inside. But, the sports & activities all day and partying all night was finally starting to catch up to me. We quickly played about six holes of folf and headed back into town to grab some dinner.

We were all in the mood for something different and a bit more upscale, so we got a recommendation for a Thai restaurant called Maenam. They had a great menu and the food was delicious. We were having some great luck with food on this trip and I hope it continues. After dinner we all headed back to the house to rest up and get ready to go out in the evening. When I got back I just felt exhausted, so I went straight to my room and passed out for a nice 2 hour nap. The other guys decided to hang out and play cards. This would later work to my advantage, but not everyone elses.

Our first stop for the night was a nearby pool hall and jazz bar. We shot a few games of pool and chilled. The place was chill but not very lively and some of us were hoping to get in one last rowdy night before we left Vancouver. As the night wore on, half the group started to tire out and even though we had decided to check out another spot, half the group decided to go back to the house and call it an early night. Since, I took that nap I still had energy which worked to my advantage but now we had lost half our squad. The remaining three of us went to The Roxy, which we were told would be lively and fun with a good crowd. From the outside it looked a bit run down so were confused on why it was recommended, but we all understood as soon as we walked in. The place had a great atmosphere, it was lively, and people were all singing along to a live country music band that was on stage. I’m not really into country, but if you give me a place with a good vibe, fun people, and some dancing I can make it work. Unfortunately, we were walking in with only about an hour or hour and a half left before closing, so we made the best of it. We met two fun girls who partied with us and gave me a hard time for not “loving” country music. I tried to be nice and say that I enjoy some songs, but it’s just not my genre of choice. It provided some funny banter for the evening. I definitely wish we had gone there first because I think everyone would have enjoyed it and we would have kept the energy going.

The remaining three of us headed back home and I finished the night off with a yummy PB&J + banana sandwich courtesy of one of my buddies that went home early. I always thought a banana was a good late night snack, which I had resorted to several times at home before bed and now I was starting to see a pattern of bananas finding their way into my nighttime snacks on this trip. Hmm, interesting. Tomorrow, we head out to Seattle.


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July 18, 2010 at 4:17 pm

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