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My Life: The Journey Out West

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Good morning people! So, I was irresponsible last night, what’s new right? I went out with a few friends since I wasn’t going to see them for a bit and ended up leaving my packing till I got home. I finished packing around 3am, went to bed, and then woke up at 5am, a solid 2 hours … sweet!

As, I was getting ready I heard this loud rumbling that you hear as thunder rolls in, but it was louder and the house shook … WHOA, was that an earthquake?!?

I was pretty shocked and before I had time to think the taxi called to let me know it was outside, so I rushed out the door.

I told the cabbie about my experience and asked if he felt the quake. He said he was outside but didn’t feel anything and then went onto to suggest that it could have been paranormal activity … right. I basically entertained him and his crazy notions for the next 10 minutes until we reached the airport. I quickly got out, checked in, and checked Facebook. The verdict, yep, a 3.6 earthquake in our area! That’s insane since that hasn’t happened in decades AND when it has, no one has ever felt it but this time people felt it. I wonder what that means for our region. Are we going to feel more of them and will they get stronger? I ponder all this while I sit at a sushi cafe in SFO airport, an area more well known for quakes.

After that I headed to get breakfast, for me it really is the most important meal of the day, otherwise I’m just an asshole. Ive recently discovered bfast at five guys and it rocks! Sadly, I saw two bammas eating burgers and fries at 6 am, really?!? and we wonder why America is so fat and unhealthy. One guy just had two patties, bacon strips, and a bun.

After munching on my egg & cheese sandwich I boarded the Virgin which had a dope Drake logo for his “Thank Me Later” album plus they were playing the album in the cabin. That’s a good look for the new artist from Sir Richard Branson. It’s also to help commemorate the new Toronto leg, Drakes hometown, for the airline.

Once I boarded and sat in my seat, it all hit me, I felt terrible with just 2 hours of sleep and all I wanted was a bed. Plus with my luck, I got the seat with more leg room but I couldn’t recline. I got seated next to some baller ladies who were on their game. They were equipped with MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, notepad, books and much more. They were running a mini operation from their seats while all I could do was watch SportsCenter and fall in and out of sleep. I felt pretty useless. They were definitely hustlers of some sort, real go getters, I could stand to learn from them.

I landed in San Fran around 10am PST and went to the United counter to get my next standby flight. The Asian lady was rude and sounded like I was inconveniencing her. Then I go through security, where an Asian guy gets rude with me for not sending my bag through the right way, well the scanner at Dulles had no problem, so maybe they should invest in wider scanners. He had the nerve to say it’s “common sense” to me and get an attitude. I called him out and told him there was no reason to get rude with customers, we pay his salary. Obviously, me and the Asians working at United were not getting along today. So odd because I love United, but today Virgin > United, and I prefer them now. I think people feel they have the right to get rude with me because I look young and it almost makes me want to dress more mature to the airport so I’ll be taken seriously, but I shouldn’t have to do that.

On the bright side, I had some legit sushi had Sankaku in Terminal 3, so I can only imagine how good it is in downtown SF. Let’s hope my flight to Vancouver is smooth and I get through the airport without issues.

Update #1: Ok, Im in a bit of a panic because the United team is saying the flight to Vancouver is over sold and they’re asking for people to take the 8:15pm flight. That’s my original flight and since I’m flying standby, I’ll be bumped! Im sitting here watching each person board before me and keeping an eye on the monitor with my name on it thats blinking ‘standby’ with only 1 seat left. I’m just hoping and praying they call my name … SWEET! They just called my name for the last seat, what a relief! Now I’m in my seat, ready to leave SF and get to Vancouver to meet the first batch of friends.

Update #2: I just landed at YVR and the airport is decorated in native American decor with large wood carved statues. It’s dead quiet right now and I’m on my way to the customs area. Wow, all the customs agents are cute 🙂 I get a girl with dark hair and blue eyes, definitely a weakness for me. She asks for my documentation and why I was visiting. I explained I was there was there for a bachelor party, and raised an eyebrow, “um why Vancouver? Make sure you stay out of trouble.” I explained it was close to Montana, heard great things and a new place. She once again reminded me to stay out of trouble, haha, maybe she read the trouble on my face. Oh well! Too late, I’m here Canada, are you ready for me and the rest of the Herndon Boys?!?


Written by Ali's Basement

July 16, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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