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Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

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Everyone knows that there’s a select demographic that just watches the Super Bowl for the commercials. I’m not one of those because I really enjoy the game, but there were some choice commercials. The first one is the Snickers ad featuring Betty White, the concept here is brilliant. I won’t go into any more detail, just enjoy it. I’ve also got more of my favorites after the jump.

This is a Parisian Google search ad, which I really enjoyed also. It gives you that nice warm feeling inside. So, to get rid of that my friend is deciding on a parody which I hope to see very soon.

Motorola x Megan …. hmm, what could go wrong here? Probably nothing.

Keep yo hands off MY mama and keep yo hands off MY Doritos! I really wish he added a biiiiaaaatch at the end, but you get the point.

I love Coke commercials, they’re always just classic. No big fireworks, just classy.

the Best Fans ad just because it’s one of the most ridiculous plays by Reggie Bush, check it out!

Doritos was on point last night! It’s the freakin Dorito Samuri! They were on point last night, well done

Coke x Simpsons. Need I say more.


Written by Ali's Basement

February 8, 2010 at 2:33 pm

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